AVISE SLE Monitor is a unique combination of 6 specialized biomarkers including EC4d and PC4d, to help assess patients with SLE.

With a powerful combination of biomarkers that go beyond standard SLE tests, AVISE SLE Monitor empowers healthcare providers with the full itnel to stay a step ahead of flare ups, regularly monitor disease progression, assess treatment efficacy, and help prevent premature disease advancement and long-term damage.

Biomarkers associated with SLE disease activity:

Biomarkers associated with adverse events in SLE:

Clinical Utility: AVISE SLE Monitor Test Report

The AVISE SLE Monitor test should be considered any time the condition of a SLE patient is being assessed.

If the patient is also being monitored with AVISE® HCQ, the AVISE SLE Monitor test report will also include an AVISE HCQ test result page.

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