AVISE Testing

Exclusively from Exagen Inc.

Your Partner in Rheumatology

AVISE Testing

Exclusively from Exagen - 

Your Partner in Rheumatology

At Exagen, our goal is to help rheumatologists in the optimization of patient care through the differential diagnosis, prognosis and management of complex autoimmune diseases.  

What's New

New publication featuring Dr. Joan T Merrill, Dr. Michelle A Petri and Dr. Jill Buyon among other contributors:

Merrill J, et al. LSM 2018 – Erythrocyte-bound C4d in combination with complement and autoantibody status for the monitoring of SLE

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Test Results

Interactive Test Report

To view the AVISE Interactive Test Report (IRR) video and access the AVISE Interactive Test Report, please provide the information indicated below.
    The AVISE Interactive Test Report (IRR) and IRR video are intended to be used as educational tools for health care providers ONLY. The IRR is NOT intended to be used to diagnose or treat patients. The use of the Integrative Test Report by any third party, outside laboratory consultants or academic institutions is explicitly prohibited. The replication of the IRR without explicit permission from Exagen Diagnostics is prohibited under penalty of law.

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