The Advanced Rheumatology Test for the Differential Diagnosis of SLE

AVISE CTD is an advanced autoimmune rheumatic disease test, powered by patented Cell-Bound Complement Activation Products (CB-CAPs), specifically designed to aid in the differential diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

THE BETTER COMPLEMENT TEST - Offering 22% greater sensitivity compared to low C3/C4.

The Advanced Rheumatology Test for the Differential Diagnosis of SLE.

Clinical Utility

There are many clinical scenarios that can benefit from the AVISE CTD test including:

  • Patient Triage
  • Assessment of ANA positive referrals
  • Patients with clinical suspicion of a connective tissue disease but insufficient criteria for diagnosis
  • Assessment of patients with overlapping symptoms
  • Observation of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease
  • ANA positive fibromyalgia patients with clinical suspicion of underlying autoimmune inflammatory disease
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59 Year Old Caucasian Female
Chief complaint: Arthralgias, Dry Eyes & Hair Loss


Assays included:

AVISE CTD contains the patented SLE biomarkers, CB-CAPs, which help to offer a 22% greater sensitivity compared to C3/C4, and 48% greater sensitivity compared to anti-dsDNA.

Understanding how the AVISE Index Value is Calculated:

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State-of-the-art Methods:

Accurate results depend on reliable test methods. That’s why AVISE CTD measures ANA by IFA using digital imaging as well as ELISA, and confirms positive ds-DNA results using immunofluorescence Crithidia assay.

All markers reported in AVISE CTD are carefully selected to provide maximum performance in the diagnosis of SLE and diseases that mimic lupus.

AVISE CTD Test Report

AVISE CTD Test Report
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AVISE CTD incorporates an advanced two-tier lupus test assessment: 



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