“I don’t know
what i have.”

Give your patients the answers they need with help from AVISE® CTD, the most advanced autoimmune testing available.

Outsmart Autoimmune Disease with AVISE® CTD

Diagnosing autoimmune diseases early is difficult

AVISE CTD is a powerful clinical tool designed to aid rheumatologists in the differential diagnosis of autoimmune connective tissue diseases (CTDs) that often have overlapping symptoms.



Just Two Tubes Provide Powerful Insights

Powered by our patented Cell-Bound Complement Activation Products (CB-CAPs) biomarkers and advanced algorithm, AVISE CTD combines AVISE Lupus, a 10-marker diagnostic test designed to help rule-in or rule-out lupus, with a 23 marker CTD panel to aid in the differential diagnosis of other systemic rheumatic diseases.1

Here's how two tubes of blood can help you outsmart your patient's autoimmune disease:


Patented CB-CAPs Biomarkers

EC4d • BC4d


Proprietary Two-tier Algorithm

AVISE Lupus Index


Expanded Connective Tissue Disease Panel

RA • APS • MCTD • Sjögren's • Myositis • Systemic Sclerosis • Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

Patented CB-CAPs Biomarkers

AVISE Lupus, a component of AVISE CTD, is the only validated test that uses patented stable biomarkers of complement activation called CB-CAPs that have been proven to outperform standard diagnosis laboratory testing (SDLT) in the detection of SLE.

Test AUC
AVISE Lupus 0.91
CB-CAP BC4d 0.84
CB-CAP EC4d 0.82
Anti-dsDNA 0.79
Complement C3 0.73
Complement C4 0.72
AUC-Area Under the Curve

Figure adapted from Putterman C, et al.1

Proprietary Two-Tier SLE Algorithm

Using CB-CAPs and other SLE-associated markers, AVISE Lupus employs an advanced two-tier algorithm and proprietary Index Value to help turn isolated data points into actionable information. Developed using multivariate logistic regression, the index result is plotted on a spectrum associated with the likelihood of the presence of SLE.1


Expanded Connective Tissue Disease Panel

AVISE CTD — Specifically designed to provide clarity and confidence!

12 ENA markers

aid in differential
CTD diagnosis

RA panel

(including RF IgM, RF IgA,
Anti-CCP, & Anti-CarP) to
help rule-in rheumatoid

Syndrome biomarkers

help assess risk for thrombatic
events and/or pregnancy morbidity as well as guide
SLE diagnosis

Thyroid panel

aid in diagnosis of
Graves’ Disease & Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

State-of-the-art Methods

Accurate results depend on reliable test methods. That’s why AVISE CTD measures ANA by IFA using digital imaging as well as ELISA, and confirms positive ds-DNA results using immunofluorescence Crithidia assay.

All markers reported in AVISE CTD are carefully selected to provide maximum performance in the diagnosis of SLE and diseases that mimic lupus.

Patient Focused. Discovery Driven.

In addition to improving physician diagnostic confidence, patients in the AVISE Lupus arm of the CARE study reported a reduction in their anxiety or depression levels at the 12-week follow-up, while patients in the SDLT arm reported a slight increase.2


  • Patients with clinical suspicion of a connective tissue disease
  • Patients who are ANA+ referrals
  • Patients with overlapping symptoms
  • ANA+ fibromyalgia patients suspected of autoimmune disease

Robust, real-world evidence confirms that AVISE testing enables decisive clinical action superior to the current standard of care (tANA) in the differential diagnosis for lupus.

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