“I don’t know
what I have.”

Get the answers you need with help from AVISE®, the most advanced autoimmune testing available.

AVISE is designed to help rheumatologists more accurately diagnose lupus and other autoimmune connective tissue diseases. Powered by unique patented biomarkers and proprietary algorithm, the AVISE diagnostic tests like AVISE® CTD (Connective Tissue Disease) and AVISE® Lupus provide improved disease information compared to traditional lab tests alone.


Accurate and Early Diagnosis for Lupus and Connective Tissue Disease

Connective tissue diseases (CTDs) can be very hard to diagnose early because symptoms can be vague, inconsistent and/or attributed to other illnesses.

AVISE CTD combines AVISE Lupus, a 10-marker diagnostic test designed to help rule-in or rule-out lupus, with an expanded connective tissue disease panel to aid in the differential diagnosis of other connective tissue diseases.

When combined with your provider's clinical assessment, AVISE CTD can provide the information necessary to help make the right diagnosis. If you're ready to start dealing with the real cause of your symptoms don't wait. Request your AVISE CTD conversation guide to help you speak to your provider about the AVISE CTD test.

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Who should be considered for the AVISE CTD test?

  • Patients who are
    ANA+ referrals

  • Patients with clinical suspicion of a connective tissue disease

  • Patients with overlapping symptoms

  • ANA+ fibromyalgia patients suspected of autoimmune disease

Doctor showing chart to patient

Patented CB‑CAPs biomarkers

AVISE Lupus, a component of AVISE CTD, is the only validated test that uses patented biomarkers called CB-CAPs that have been proven to outperform standard diagnosis laboratory testing in the detection of SLE.

CB-CAPs identifies significantly more lupus patients that would otherwise appear negative with conventional markers. CB-CAPs are an innovative way to measure abnormality in your immune system that is unique to lupus.

Using CB-CAPs and other lupus-associated markers, AVISE CTD employs an advanced two-tier algorithm and proprietary Index Value to help turn isolated data points into actionable information. The index result is plotted on a spectrum associated with the likelihood of the presence of lupus.

Chart showing Example: AVISE Lupus Result: Positive - Index: 1.4