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Testing with AVISE CTD

The most advanced test for diagnosing lupus and connective tissue diseases. Download

Preparing for your Doctor's Appointment

Help your doctor make the correct diagnosis. Download

Overlapping Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases share common symptoms making diagnosis difficult. Download

Guide to Living with Lupus

A guide about what you may need to help others help you. Download

Eating Right with Lupus

A healthy diet can help manage symptoms associated with lupus. Download

Guide to Lupus and Pregnancy

Starting a Family: Have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Download


Helpful Articles

Managing the Impact of Lupus on Your Family

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Common Triggers for Lupus

Lupus and Depression

Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Arthritis

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Patient Testimonial

Joint Pain Diagnosis
with Dr. James Mossell

Patient Advocacy Organizations

Managing the Impact of Lupus on Your Family

World-renown organization, dedicated to the mission of improving the quality of life for all people affected by lupus through research, education, support and advocacy. Visit

Lupus Research Alliance

We are the world's leading private funder of lupus research. Our goal: improve treatments while advancing lupus research toward a cure. Visit

Lupus LA

Lupus LA is dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus, while providing support, services, and hope to all people affected by lupus. Lupus LA promotes lupus research, awareness, and education while serving the needs of lupus patients and their families throughout Southern California. Visit