Diagnostic & Prognostic Rheumatoid Arthritis Blood Test

AVISE Anti-CarP is a specialized lab test to help identify rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients with an increased risk for joint damage. Classifying RA early may give the best chance of gaining and maintaining control over the permanent and debilitating effects from RA.

A New Blood Test to Classify Rheumatoid Arthritis

Presence of autoantibodies to carbamylated proteins (CarP) is associated with:

  • Two times greater likelihood to develop erosive disease1
  • More aggressive joint erosions within 3 years1
  • Twice as likely to require biologic therapy for treatment1
  • Increased risk for severe RA progression independent of CCP or RF status2

Anti-CarP Graph

Among those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, 30-50% have elevated levels of autoantibodies against carbamylated proteins or anti-CarP.2 Those patients need to keep their disease activity under control as studies show that patients testing positive for anti-CarP are 2.1 times more likely to experience joint erosions compared to those without this marker.1

Fortunately, a specialized assay has been validated by Exagen Diagnostics to make this testing available using a routine blood draw.


Erosive Arthritis Graph
Patients and their healthcare providers have long relied on the cyclic citrullinated protein (CCP) test or the Rheumatoid Factor (RF) test to help manage RA. While each test has an important role, they are not always present and alone may be insufficient in classifying if erosive RA is likely to emerge.
Distribution of Autoantibodies among RA patients

Symptoms of RA sometimes rapidly become more severe with little advanced warning. In those cases more aggressive treatments such as biologic therapies are needed to help manage the condition. In retrospective studies those patients testing positive for anti-CarP were more likely to require biologic therapy (35% vs 20%) suggesting that more aggressive therapy was needed to address symptoms.

Clinical Utility

AVISE Anti-CarP Test Report

AVISE Anti-CarP Test Report Download PDF

Classify RA early with the help of the AVISE Anti-CarP test.


  1. Truchetet ME, et al. Association of the presence of anti–carbamylated protein antibodies in early arthritis with a poorer clinical & radiologic outcome. Arthritis Rheumatology, 2017; 69(12): 2292-2302.
  2. Shi J, et al. Autoantibodies recognizing carbamylated proteins are present in sera of patients with rheumatoid arthritis & predict joint damage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012;108(42):17372-17377.

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